Just a quick update on Gary's progress.

Gary won the men's beginner division at CrossFit Rochester's Hammerhead Games. Way to go Gary...keep up the amazing transformation. 
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Apr. 2013 - 1st Day of Paleo

Nov. 2013

Gary Falco started at Iron Core CrossFit in April 2013. His fit & healthy success story was too good not to share with everyone. Gary wrote out his success story for us to share with all of you. Thank you Gary for sharing your story!

It was late in February 2013 and I was at work and overheard Jason Walsh talking to Chris Walsh about them opening a CrossFit gym. I wasn't exactly sure what CrossFit was but I thought I had seen something on ESPN that reminded me of a world's strongest man competition. Where beast like men and women lifted heavy stuff over and over and pushed heavy stuff around. Then I did some internet research, and I was right. These people are machines. They have so much discipline and drive. I thought to myself I couldn't do that. I couldn't work that hard. I loved the triple cheeseburger at Wendy's, and Dunkin Donuts has my picture up on the wall. But it would be cool to get into better shape. Jason had told me to stop by and check out a workout. He said that he, or a trainer would be there every day, and that the workout is set for the day. Everyone has the same workout and he would help me to do the exercises properly and that I would get a score or a time to gauge my progress. Now I was intrigued. I would have no idea what to do to get in shape at a traditional gym. If you set me free in a Planet Fitness I would find a phone and order a pizza. I weigh about 240lbs, I'm 36 years old, I am on high blood pressure medication, and I suffer from "chronic" migraines. So in late March I took him up on it. It was 5:15am; I was in workout shorts and for the first time I was actually going to work out in them. I had no idea what to expect. The first part of the warm-up was a 200m run. I got back from running, after a few rests in there, and realized that I was in REAL bad shape. That first workout wiped me out. I had never worked that hard. I was at work for two hours before I caught my breath. But I felt AWESOME. I continued on for about a month in Boot Camp classes before I stepped up to CrossFit and I loved it. I had lost 10 pounds and my endurance was way up. I wanted more…more strength, more stamina, and more abs. I talked to Jason a lot through this point. I picked his brain constantly. He has incredible knowledge and I wanted the killer bodies, strength and confidence he and others at the gym already had. He told me about the importance of diet and that CrossFit athletes typically eat Paleo…meat and vegetables huh? I'll give it 30 days and see how I feel, I said. Every day at the gym I'm getting stronger and faster and I feel better. I have not had a migraine since I started Paleo and I'm seeing the results. I started to look forward to the gym and it freaked me out a little. I was becoming one of them. I finished up my personal 30 day Paleo and CrossFit challenge and I was 35lbs down, my blood pressure was normal and I still had not had a migraine. I continued to work out, develop friendships at the gym and let Jason coach me to better techniques, and better fitness. It’s been a little over 6 months since I started CrossFit and I have lost 65lbs. I no longer suffer from migraines (which I had since I was a child) my blood pressure is normal (off medication) and I am strong. I am now the fittest that I have ever been (by far) and I am confident. My wife Kim is working out at Iron Core and feels amazing as well. She looks incredible and can't wait to ask me my score or time on the WOD every day. A WOD is a Workout of the day; you will learn tons of cool acronyms like this one when you try out Iron Core. Now Kim, my kids Jadyn and Haylee, and I are all a healthy family. Iron Core CrossFit changed our lives from physical to mental in every aspect. I feel like I'm a better person. You’re probably thinking, wow, this guy's crazy, it's just a gym, but I have seen it over and over at Iron Core. People come in and they stay. They love it too. Iron Core CrossFit is an amazing place to get you healthy and fit. With Jason Walsh as my trainer, some metal pipes to do pull-ups on, some wood boxes to jump up on, and weighted bags to throw around, I am an Iron Core CrossFit ATHLETE! I couldn't have done any of this without Jason Walsh and everyone at the gym for instruction and support. You should try out Iron Core CrossFit. I couldn't be happier that I did.


11/06/2013 6:46pm

Congratulations on your incredible success!!

Michael Ray
11/10/2013 1:59pm

Congrats man! Looking good!

12/30/2013 5:01pm

An amazing success story! Congratulations!


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